Nola Sound provides complete sound systems as standard and includes staff capable of professional operation of the systems. 

Our Small System

  • 4 Channel Yamaha mixing console.
  • Two powered Mackie SRM 350 or powered QSC K12 speakers capable of covering an audience of 1-150.
  • Equipment can be localized to the stage area or spread out if necessary.
  • Stage monitors can be added for additional surcharge, up to 4 monitor mixes. Extra stage monitors will be JBL JRX 112M if used.
  • Power requirements as low as a single 15 ampere circuit.
  • 50 foot snake for positioning mixing console away from stage.

Our Standard System

  • 16 Channel PreSonus StudioLive Console
  • Two JBL JRX 112M speakers or Two QSC K12 Active Speakers able to cover an audience of 200-300.
  • 4 passive JBL JRX 112M speakers for stage monitors.
  • Minimum powered required is at least 30 ampere circuit.
  • 100ft snake for locating mixer away from stage.

Our Big System

  • 32 Channel Behringer X-32 Digital Mixing console
  • 2x JBL VRX935lap Line Array Speakers
  • 2x Cerwin-Vega CVP-2153 2000W Dual 15" PA speakers (Side-Fill speakers, if required)
  • 2x JBL SRX828SP & 2x Carvin TRX Series Dual 18" Subwoofers
  • 4x passive JBL JRX 112M Stage Monitors
  • 2x active QSC K12 for Stage Monitors
  • Crown XTI Power Amplifiers
  • Crown XLS Power Amplifiers
  • QSC RMX Power Amplifiers
  • DBX Driverack PA+ Loudspeaker Management System including Feedback eliminator and subharmonic synthesis

NOTE: This PA has power requirements ranging from 30 Amperes to 100 Amperes depending on configuration.

Add ons: 

  • Lighting*:             $100 fee 
  • Subwoofers:      $150 fee 

All Sound systems include:

  • Microphones for both Vocal and instrument pickup
  • Music playback capability from iPod and laptop type devices (CD playback available by advance request)
  • Boom-type microphone stands

Direct boxes for connection of keyboards and other instruments to system

  • 3x Ultra-DI DI400P Direct Box
  • 2x Whirlwind Direct 2 Dual Direct Box
  • 1x Whirlwind Director Direct Box
  • 2x Whirlwind Imp2 Direct Box

Mixing devices capable of sound control and adjustment of tonal balance

  • 1x PreSonus 16 Channel Mic/Line Mixer
  • 1x PreSonus StudioLive 24 Channel Mixing Console
  • 1x Behringer X32 Digital Mixing Console


  • 7x Audix OM3 vocal mic (Shure equivalent is SM58)
  • 1x Audix OM2 vocal mic (Shure equivalent is SM58)
  • 6x Audix i5 instrument mic (Shure equivalent is SM57)
  • 1x Audix D2
  • 1x Audix D3
  • 1x Audix D4
  • 1x Audix D6
  • 2x Audix F50
  • 2x Audix ADX51 Condensers
  • 2x Samson CO2 Pencil Condensers
  • 2x Audix Clip on horn Condenser Mics
  • 3x Shure SM58
  • 2x Wireless Shure SM58
  • 3x Sennheiser e604 Tom Mics
  • 2x Sennheiser e609
  • 1x Shure Beta 52
  • 2x Audio Technica At 2020


*Optional Lighting systems include up to 8 PAR64 cans or American DJ Wash Lights with Red, Blue or Yellow Gels controlled via DMX dimmer. Fading and strobe operation is possible.